Workouts at Home v/s at the Gym


As the saying goes, “All Rivers flow to the Sea,” you can achieve your fitness goals by following one of the many available approaches. These approaches have different forms of workouts, diets, supplements, time schedules, venues, etc., that will suit your goals and your convenience specifically. In this article, let us dive into one of these factors, viz., and the venue.

When we say ‘the venue’ we mean the place where you do your workouts. There are different venues such as the gym, your home, a park, a field, an empty parking lot, etc. The list becomes endless. But the most popular and frequently used venues are the gym and one’s own home. So, let us explain you the pros and cons of working out at these venues.

Working out at your Home:

With a few essential types of equipment such as a treadmill, a cross trainer, a stationary cycle and few weights and the knowledge, you can certainly work out at the comforts of your home. Let us list the pros and cons of using your very own home for workouts.


  1. You save commute and parking times, efforts and money between your home and gym.
  2. You have flexibility with time schedules as you do not have to accommodate commute and workout times along with your daily schedule.
  3. You have all the privacy as you are working out in your home.
  4. You have all the comforts and convenience.


  1. You have to spend on the equipment’s which are usually high.
  2. You need to have space to place these equipment’s along with proper ventilation.
  3. You need to know the exercises and the proper way of doing them. Prior to working out experience in a gym is recommended.
  4. You will not have the assistance of trained professionals.
  5. You are dependent on self-motivation.
  6. With all these limitations, working out at home will not yield results if you have very high fitness goals.

If your goal is general fitness and that even if you visit a gym, you would do some simple stretches and mostly cardio exercises (treadmill, cross-trainer or stationary bike), we suggest that you can do these in the comforts of your home provided you have the right infrastructure. Else, you need to consider working out at the gym strongly.

Working out at the gym:

Simply put, the gym has one purpose and one purpose only, to help you achieve your fitness goals. Then, let us list the pros and cons of working out in the gym.

Pros of working out in the gym:

  1. You have access to all equipment’s.
  2. You have trained professionals to consult and assist your workouts, diets, and supplements.
  3. You have an excellent networking opportunity to get connected with others who have fitness goals similar to yours.
  4. There are no better sources for inspiration and motivation in the gym when you see others working hard and achieving their fitness goals.

Cons of working out in the gym:

  1. Unless you fully utilize all the resources, your gym membership gets expensive.
  2. You have to accommodate commute and working times in your daily schedule.
  3. If the gym isn’t close either to work or home, you will spend a lot of time, energy and money commuting between your home, office and the gym.

So, if you are determined to utilize all the resources at the gym to achieve your more than primary fitness goals, provided it is either close to your office or home and can accommodate the work out times in your daily schedule, you should consider working out in the gym. We agree that you have to give some, but what you get back in return is in multiple folds.