Sleeping Habits & It's Health Effects


Press restart to get the upgraded You!

If you have used a PC, you must be reasonably accustomed to two significant actions. Shutting it down after few days to boost its performance or restarting it to upgrade it. Consequently, the switch off and the restart make your PC perform better and last longer. The same analogy holds good to maintain or improve your health, performance and in general to ensure your life’s longevity. And in this case, the action you need to do is sleep plentiful! And, to get this plentiful sleep, you need to cultivate good sleeping habits as early as possible.

How much is too much or too less when it comes to sleep? And what exactly is a plentiful of sleep?

The National Sleep Foundation has given the complete answer to the above question. Experts from the foundation have categorized the sleep times as recommended, can be acceptable and not recommended. As per these categories:

  1. If you are a young adult aged between 18 – 26 years, 7 – 9 hours per day is the recommended sleep, 6 – 11 hours is acceptable, but below 6 and above 11 hours is not recommended.
  2. If you are an adult aged between 24 – 64 years, 7 – 9 hours per day is the recommended sleep, 6 – 10 hours is acceptable, but below 6 and above 10 hours is not recommended.
  3. If you are a senior 65 years and more, 7 – 8 hours per day is the recommended sleep, 5 – 9 hours is acceptable, but below 5 and above 9 is not recommended.

So what are the sleeping habits you need to follow to get a plentiful good night’s sleep?

There are many recommended good sleeping habits, but from a fitness point-of-view we recommend the following five:

  1. Depending on to which age group you belong and your recommended plentiful sleep time from above, you need to set your bedtime to accommodate the sleeping hours and maintain it consistently every day.
  2. We can’t emphasize this enough. But please turn off all your electronic gadgets at least 30 min before your sleeping time.
  3. You should avoid consuming heavy meal, alcohol or caffeine before bedtime and reduce the fluid intakes too for getting uninterrupted sleep.
  4. You need to make your bedroom cool, quiet, and comfortable.
  5. You need to exercise well, at least 45 min to an hour a day.

What are the health issues resulting from lack of sleep?

It is very crucial that you cultivate these good sleeping habits. Because lack of recommended sleep leads to many health issues. From a fitness point of view, these are the five worst health issues that arise due to lack of sleep:

  1. You tend to gain weight.
  2. Your athletic performance takes a hit.
  3. You have a higher risk of heart disease and stroke.
  4. You will experience depression.
  5. Your immune systems take a hit leading to increased inflammation.

So, there you have some information about different health issues which you can avoid by cultivating good sleeping habits which will help you to restart yourself with the much-needed upgrades of health to your life.