Be Fit to be more Productive!

We all have 24 hours in a day. You can broadly divide these into three segments of eight hours each in a typical day of a work week, viz., professional work or time, personal time, and sleep. Irrespective of what you do in the personal time, you can still focus on being fit at work, which is one-quarter of your day’s time!

Most of us have sedentary working styles. That’s just the nature of most of our jobs, viz., being seated for most of the day in meetings or front of the computer. Although it seems harmless, being seated continuously for an extended period has been proved to be harmful to our body. Mayo Clinic lists some of the associated complications too. Hence, we need to focus on taking care of our body during the working hours to maintain our fitness. So, we suggest four essential tips that you can do to keep fitness during your professional or work times:

Be an active commuter:

If your work is close to your home, you can consider cycling to work. So, that’s already 20 – 30 minutes of cardio exercise. But what if, you have to drive or use public transport? You can park your car at the farthest end of the parking so that you can walk, stretch your muscles before and after work. And if you are using public transport, you can consider getting in or getting down one or two stops before your destination and walk the rest.

Be physically active in between work:

If you google for productivity improvement tips at the workplace, most of the search results will mention dividing the complete work time into many 40-45 minutes packets. After each of these short, intensive working sessions, you need to take a short break. And during these breaks, you have to active physically. For instance, walk around your office space or use stairs instead of taking lifts, standing for a few minutes, etc.

Do some stretching exercise:

Use the short breaks between the work to stretch your body muscles. Since you will have many short breaks, you can ideally focus on one group of muscles to stretch per break. These quick stretching exercises re-energize you and make you fresh. If you aren’t familiar with stretching exercises, you can google for them, and you will have 100s of search results. You can follow anything which is convenient for you.

Be disciplined with food and water intakes during work:

Just like your company expects you to be punctual with your work which you owe them, you owe to be punctual with your food and water habits to your body. Always make time for small meals throughout the day and be consistent. Also, ensure you drink sufficient water at regular intervals.

There you have it, the four essential tips to make you fit during your work which helps you achieve not just your fitness goals but also makes you very super productive and achieve your professional goals!