Are you heading to the Gym post Covid 19 ? Here are 7 things you need to consider


When you begin exercising, you’ll realize that the more you do it the better you get at it. You will be able to do the workouts for a longer duration as you become more flexible, stronger, and faster.

To reach a specific goal, the first step is preparation.

If you’ve never visited the Fitness Centre in Bangalore before, there are certain steps you should be ready for your first workout.

1.A Gym Bag

Gym Bag is the most essential thing. Get a clean shirt, towel, sports drink, water bottle, sweatbands

2.Workout clothes

If your plans to do a proper workout then proper clothing is mandatory. Make a note that if proper clothing is not selected then it might lower the efficiency. Purchase the apt dress specially designed for gym workouts. When you purchase quality gym wear look for features such as breathable materials so your body stays dry and cool.

3.Start stretching

In order to improve your flexibility of the body, you should begin stretching at least once every day before you go to the gym. Stretch your main core like shoulders, arms, back, and legs, moving your muscles at a comfortable range of motion. Stop and hold the stretch for few seconds at least when it starts to feel sore. In order to avoid injury, never bounce back and forth while doing stretching activity.

4.Brief workout plan

After you are ready with your gym clothes and other necessary things, you are ready to go to the gym, but before that a workout plan is important. Don’t be doubtful about what you are going to do in your gym. You have to build a workout routine to employ your whole body with very few exercises but it should be beneficial for the body too. The focus should be on core, pull, push, hamstrings, and quad exercises.

5. Nutrition

It is a wrong notion that before going to exercise our stomach should be empty, this is not a good idea. Gym Trainers often tell that never ever head to a gym without an empty stomach because it can make your workout a complete disaster. Give your body a slight meal or a snack and an hour before the workout. It is always advisable to include banana, oats, yogurt fruits, and protein-rich food to consume before going to a gym.

6.Workout music

Once you are into the gym, workout routine, you may sometimes feel that exercising becomes a boring and herculean task. To stay motivated, do listen to music that encourages you to do more workouts.

7.A post-workout reward

Before enrolling in a gym for a workout, visit the place and meet the staff. By visiting the place you will get an idea about your own workout goals and bring it along with you. This can help you give correct guidance and workout types and exercises that will work best for you. Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to stay fit and healthy? Do you want to get strong bones? Come to Snapfitness and get prepared, and start your new workout routine.