Questions regarding your Snap Fitness membership? don’t know how to get started? We have the answers to all your questions and more! Check out our Snap Fitness membership FAQs below and find the answers you’re looking for. 

What are the costs of your memberships?

A:  Membership Fees vary by location since each club is individually owned and operated. Contact your local club or go to the Find a Gym page and enter your Locations to search for your club. From there, you can view pricing for the type of membership you are inquiring about.

How do I put my membership on hold?

A: Life gets busy - that's why we allow members to freeze their accounts. Freezing facility is available for Annual membership = 1 month & Half yearly membership = 15 days on request raised by the members well in advance.

Minimum freezing period is 7 days.

2 Months of Extended Freezing: Extended freezing for Annual members will be permitted only for serious medical conditions by approval from a senior authority on submission of medical reports. Only a doctor’s prescription in this case will be acceptable, freezing fee of 500+ taxes per month, this cannot be broken into smaller period.

Contact Front Desk team they will be able to explain the process and assist you.

Is freezing free of cost?

A: Yes, this facility is available free of cost to annual members ONLY for a maximum of 30 days and minimum of 7 days.

Can I transfer my membership?

A:  Yes, Membership allows an eligible member to transfer his/her remaining membership to a non-member at the Parental club (or) to another club by paying the applicable transfer & Differential charges.

Transfer Policy:

  • Transfer is applicable for only Annual and half yearly membership
  • A member should have worked out for a minimum of 3 months at the parent club before transferring his/her membership.
  • In case a transfer calls for within the mandatory 3 months for an annual and half yearly membership, 3 months will be deducting from the membership from the Start date.
  • Transfer is allowed only once.
  • For Transfer request member need to send an email to club email Id with his/ her membership details
  • Club memberships can be transferred to another club located at a distance of 6 Kilometer
  • Any balance amount towards membership should be paid at the parent club before transferring

Is there a fee for transfer of membership?

A: Yes, Transfer charges of Rs 1000 plus taxes must be paid per transfer & Differential charges will be applicable for club to club transfer if the membership is purchased at Club Specific Offer.

Differential charges are not applicable for the common offer for January, July & World Heart Day offer.

The new location where I want to work out, I am asked to pay the difference amount between the packages available. Why is that?

A: That is because you purchased a membership at our club which was club specific offer and not a common offer. The new location did not have the same offer. Hence you are asked to pay the difference amount between the two packages.

How to calculate the Differential charges?

A: To calculate the differential charges 13,000/- is kept as fixed membership charges.


  1. If member has paid the 12000/- for an annual membership in that case the 1000/- will be the differential charges.
  2. If member has paid more than 13000/- in that case no differential charges will be applicable.

Do I have to pay both transfer charges and the difference amount at the new location?

A: Yes, you have to pay both.

Will I get the same services at the new location as I received at the parent club?

A: No club services like Personal Training, Group classes cannot be transferred to another club, only Gym membership is transferrable.

What is an upgrade?

A:  A membership benefit that allows an eligible member to upgrade his/her membership to a longer duration or to a higher time slot for the balance period of his/her membership by paying the difference in amount at the prevailing rate.


  • A duration upgrade of a membership must be done within 15 days of activation.
  • Upgrade is only possible for the same membership type i.e. club membership to club membership or PT to PT or nutrition to nutrition.
  • Upgrade is allowed only once
  • The difference in amount must be paid at the prevailing rate (Rack Prices, No discounts applicable).

How Long can a member use the other snap club?

A: Reciprocity across all Snap Fitness clubs worldwide

  • An annual member can access all Snap Fitness clubs worldwide
  • In India, Member can access any Snap Fitness center 4 days in a month
  • Outside India, Member can access any Snap Fitness center 30 days at a Stretch

How do I cancel my membership?

A: No refunds will be given in the event of membership cancellation. It can only be transferred to a non-member with the transfer charges

What all your gym membership includes?

A: Gym Membership is to get an access to the club which includes :

  • Gym Floor access for gym workouts
  • Three days of equipment orientation – We educate the member on all the equipment’s cardio strength and rebates and also explaining the member the functions and benefits of each machine & which muscle group it works on.
  • Free In Body Analysis (Body Composition Analysis)
  • Fitness and Nutrition Assessment
  • Workout Card & Diet Chart
  • Three Day Orientation Program (PT) — To educate employees with their card planning and initiate routine workouts.

General training - General monitoring will be done at any point on the routine workout. But if any member wishes special attention and faster results, then one can opt for Personal Training services at an Extra Cost.

What is the personal training?

A: Personal training is one-on-one training where in one dedicated trainer allotted to a member the personal trainer takes care of the member in charge planning personal monitoring motivating educating the member and poster execution of the exercise breathing techniques and provide variety in the exercises. A personal trainer motivate clients by setting goals and providing feedback and accountability to clients.

Why should I take personal training?

  • To achieve faster results
  • To achieve specific goals needs specialised training
  • For safer workouts
  • If a member has medical condition
  • For rehabilitation training.

How long will the personal training session go on?

A: 45 – 60 Minutes

Should we wait for cardio machines in the peak hours of the gym?

A:  No our trainer is trained to schedule exercises where a member goes through a series of exercises and a member will not spend more time on one particular mission to attain optimum fitness one should concentrate on cardio strength and flexibility not just cardio

Do you have a general trainers to help general members?

A:  Yes trainers will be taking care of general members, at any given point of time one or two trainers will be free to monitor the general training clients.