Benefits of Fasting - A Healthy Affair


Sometimes, loosing is gaining!

When you google for fasting, most results you see are related to spirituality, religion and only a few talks about health, fitness and physical wellbeing. We will be focusing on the latter. So, fasting by definition means your abstinence from a few or all kinds of foods and drinks for a predefined duration of time. In the next lines we will try to explain to you what are the different types of fasting, why are they beneficial for your health and physical wellbeing and the irony of how not consuming is the best way of gaining.

Now that we know what fasting is let us understand the different types. According to Healthline there are five different types of, and they are self-explanatory:

Water fast

You consume only water and stay away from all the food and drinks for a predefined number of hours or day.

Juice fast

You consume juices from vegetables or fruits and stay away from all the meals for a preset number of hours or days.

Intermittent fast

You have a very restrictive diet for a few hours or days followed by regular consumption in the remaining period.

Partial fast

You stay away from certain specific foods or drinks for a predefined number of hours or days

Calorie restrictive fast

Calories are restricted for a few hours within the day or few days within the week.

There are many benefits (both proven and yet to be proved) associated with fasting. Let us focus on five important ones which are more oriented towards your health and fitness goals.

Fasting helps in weight reduction

This is a no-brainer. If you cut down on calories, your body will consume the stored fats, thereby reducing the weight. It is also known to stimulate powerful enzymes which digest fats faster.

Fasting increases the strength of your muscles

Fasting increases the secretion of Human Growth Hormone or HGH. This leads to increased metabolism resulting in burning of the stored fat and increasing the strength of your muscles.

Fasting boosts the health of your heart

The health of your heart is the most critical factor. You can read more about heart diseases and preventive steps in another article from our blog. Fasting decreases the intake of bad fats and increases the consumption of bad fats stored in the body. Thus making your heart healthy in the process.

Fasting boots the control of blood sugar levels

Fasting can lower the insulin resistance in your body. Hence, blood glucose is assimilated more efficiently in the cells thus maintaining a controlled blood glucose level and therefore decreasing the chances of diabetes.

Fasting boots the health

Fasting reduces the inflammation in the body which otherwise accelerates all the chronic diseases. Hence, your overall health is boosted.

Just as we advise that you need a trained professional with you to achieve your fitness goals, we insist that you consult your physician before fasting. So, now you know that by not consuming, you gain a lot!