Benefits of Being a Vegetarian


The ‘Other’ diet to achieve your health and fitness goals:

Similar to the popular adage that says, “different rivers from different directions will join the same ocean”, different dieting options can help you achieve your desired health and fitness goals and sustain it upon completion. We, in no condition, want to start or entertain the never-ending debate on whether the vegetarian or non-vegetarian diet is better for you. We are merely suggesting you the ‘other’ option of being a vegetarian and its benefits. Now, that we have addressed the elephant in the room, let’s deep dive into the Green World!

According to Harvard Health there are many different classes of vegetarians. First, you have the vegans who do not consume meat, fish, egg or dairy products. Then you have the Lacto-ovo vegetarians who do not consume meat and fish but consume dairy products and egg. Followed by Lacto vegetarians who do not consume meat, fish, egg but only dairy products. Lastly, we have the partial vegetarians who do not consume meat but eat fish, eggs and dairy products. For the sake of current discussion, let us focus more on the Lacto vegetarians and Lacto-Ovo vegetarians because we believe these categories are more balanced and can achieve similar if not better health and fitness goals without the associated risks.

Benefits of being a Lacto vegetarian or Lacto-ovo vegetarian:

  1. Your heart is healthier. We have already informed you about the importance of a healthy heart in our previous post (It’s Time to Heart your Heart). Studies have confirmed that vegetarians have lower risk as the diet contains lower levels of bad fats and cholesterol.
  2. You have fewer chances of getting cancer. It is already established that processed and red meats are associated with cancer. Since you don’t consume any of these being a vegetarian, you are already removing the main contributors.
  3. You can avoid toxic food contamination and associated diseases. You must be aware of the deadly infections that have their origins from the meat of sick animals and birds, from bacteria and viruses that may linger in the flesh, etc. So, avoid all the food which have origins from animals and fishes can eliminate your chances of contracting these deadly diseases.
  4. You will be doing good for your pocket and environment. Fruits and vegetables are less expensive compared to meat, fishes, etc. Even if they are not initially, you will not have any disease-related costs popping up later. Recent studies have shown that being a vegetarian can also reduce greenhouse gases.
  5. Your conscious will be clean as you are showing your love to all animals and just your pets.

Now that you are healthy by lowering all the diseases causing possibilities associated with your diet by being a vegetarian let us focus on the fitness aspect. Combination of certain fruits or vegetables can equal the nutritional requirements if not more when compared to non-vegetarian diets.

Thus you see the perks of choosing the ‘other’ diet which tends to be superior and also allowing you to achieve all your health and fitness goals without any associated risks which can be counter-productive to start with.